Potassium Nitrate


Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula KNO3. It is an ionic salt of potassium ions K+ and nitrate ions NO3−, and is therefore an alkali metal nitrate. It occurs as a mineral niter and is a natural solid source of nitrogen. Potassium Nitrate is one of several nitrogen-containing compounds collectively referred to as saltpeter or saltpeter. Major uses of potassium Nitrate are in fertilizers, tree stump removal, rocket propellants and fireworks. It is one of the major constituents of gunpowder (black powder) and has been used since the Middle Ages as a food preservative.

Formula KNO3 Molar mass 101.1032 g/mol IUPAC ID Potassium Nitrate Melting point 334 °C Boiling point 400 °C Soluble in Water, Glycerol, Ammonia


  • Use in fertilizer
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • As an Oxidizer
  • Food preservation
  • Pharmacology


Technical Name Potassium Nitrate
Chemical Formula KNO3
Molecular Weight 101.1032
Appearance White Crystal/ Powder
Assay Min 99%
Nitrogen (N) Min 13%
K2O Min 46%
Moisture Max 0.1%
Chloride Max 0.1%
pH of 5% solution 6-7
Water Insoluble Matters 0.01%