Contract Research & Custom Manufacturing

Contract Research

We are able to develop processes based on our know-how , or to scale-up and / Or optimize existing processes for full commercial production . the rapid implementation of technical packages from clients or the custom design of a new synthesis requires good science , expert evaluation skills and frugal and innovative mindset and good project management which is where we have expertise . often working under very short lead times , our team are trained to focus efforts quickly to develop the process and produce the compound of interest.

Research objectives can include sales growth from development of higher-performing products , cost reductions through yield improvements , sustainability for cost or customers reasons and regulatory compliance .

Custom Manufacturing

We are pleased to be bale to offer the knowledge and experience is contract manufacturing services for Specialty chemicals , Intermediates. At U square , we can take a specific process or molecule and develop a turnkey manufacturing set-up on your requirements . Our custom manufacturing service is built around our well qualified employees ranging from process development and delivery of the final product . we have resources and experience to design and execute every plan to meet your dedicated production requirements .

Project management

U square has established a sufficient project management practice . Each project is managed proactively by a dedicated professionals to ensure the smooth progress . this capability is a combination of a comprehensive gate-review process in product development ; pilot plant and analytical testing facilities that enable a wide range of investigative methods and data driven approach and pilot plants to accurately recreate the behavior of the proposed process to provide the optimal solution .

Project Management Flow :

Initiation Stage :

This stage of the project starts from initial discussions and production of the project brief , and continues to the approval of the projection indication confirmation and project plan .

  • Project brief
  • Project Kick-off Meeting
  • Project Initiation Confirmation
  • Direct Communication with Customers through out the stage

Development and Implementation Stage :

This stage includes all the work required once the project initiation confirmation has been approved handover , launch and go live

  • Project plan
  • Monitoring and controlling activities
  • Status report ( including regular meetings with customers , weekly updates and direct communications throughout the stage.

Closure stage :

Once the product or service is available , actions should taken to signify that the project is complete.

  • Project en report
  • Post-project review and report